Overview of our harbours


Port of Kiberg

  Port of Kiberg is a smaller harbour about 10 km outside Vardo
The harbour is well shielded against the weather, and there is a modern fishprocessing factory on the harbour.


Port of Vardo

  Port of Vardo, where the steam- freightboats arrives, has a length of 190 meters and a depth of 7 meters.
The administrative staff of the harbour as sited in the terminalbuilding on the quay.
We also have floating piers i the harbour suited for fishing and yachingboats.


Port of Svartnes
  Port of Svartnes is positioned on the mainland about 3 km from Vardo.
The harbour is the newest fishing and industryharbour in the municipality. The length is 194 meter with a depth of 9 meters.Water, electrical power and crane is available on the harbours quay.
The port also have a floating pier with size at 9x72 meters, where there is a depth about 5 to 6 meters.